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IT solutions

  1. Broadband Internet access
  2. IP telephony
  3. Independent connection of telecommunication operators which guarantees service continuity
  4. Central server rooms – DATA CENTER – localized on level -1
  5. The highest security standard
    oThe Data Center consists of three physically separated parts:
      1. the internal corridor (enabling transport and initial preparation of the installed equipment) together with a vestibule which serves as a dust collector
      2. the area of redundant active network building systems, the servers of high access building automation and distribution center of the vertical wiring of the building
      3. the area to rent for the needs of the tenants' servers
    •  Technical and operational parameters::
      1. Safe location on level -1 in the direct vicinity of the Adgar Plaza Control Room
      2. Safe anti-burglary installation in accordance with the Polish Standards
      3. Designed as server rooms of high accessibilit
      4. 24-hour safety monitoring from the Control Room
      5. Constant video CCTV IP monitoring inside and outside with recording, the recordings from the cameras accessible in the Control Room and at the reception of the complex
      6. Burglary and Assault Signalling System
        High level of physical safety
        The isolated IT power supply from the UPS reserved from the power generator of the build
      7. Redundant UPS
      8. Precise IT air conditioning with humidity contro
      9. Cooling distribution from beneath the technical floor
      10. The room height guaranteeing proper cooling distribution
      11. Constant monitoring of the Data Center parameters, including temperature, humidity, power supply, the condition of office devices, the logs of devices and systems
      12. High fire safety standard
      13. Raised, antistatic technical floor with large load
      14. Distribution center of the vertical structured wiring of the IT solutions of the building
        • ith individual access control for each tenant
        • with a modern fire alarm system and air conditioning
        • with temperature and humidity control devices
        • with CCTV monitoring
        • ensuring work continuity – power supply ensured by the UPS and the generator