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Green revolution on the office building market

March 25, 2013

More and more developers in Poland decide to construct or convert their office buildings into the so called “green buildings” that have minimum impact on the natural environment. However, smart “green” solutions applied in office buildings are not only environment-friendly, but also bring tangible savings.

Environment-friendly modern technologies and systems installed in office buildings enable both optimum management of limited resources and minimizing operational costs.


High operational costs usually are generated by the extensive use of the electric energy, which not only leads to higher costs but also increased CO2 emissions. Modern technological solutions incorporated in green office buildings limit the spending and reduce negative impact on the environment. For example, the Building Management System enables integration of all the installations in the building, provides detailed information on the resources consumption, and thus, results in their optimization. In the long term such a solution brings considerable savings. There are also other possibilities, including blinds that control unwanted light reflection in the interiors, system for collecting and re-use of rainwater on green areas surrounding the building and a special sanitary equipment that reduces the use of water even by 50%.


Such solutions as motion sensors in rooms that automatically turn off unnecessary lights or air-conditioning also help reduce electricity consumption. Extensive use of glass, in particular, in southern and western facades, which allows the maximum utilization of the sunlight is another important energy-saving element. The glass used in such facades is characterized by high thermal insulation factor, high reduction factor of the radiation absorption and the highest security standards. LED lighting enables cost savings, is also becoming increasingly popular, as well as solar panels on roofs and facades that turn energy from the sun into electricity.


Heat is also often recovered in modern environment-friendly office buildings, for instance hot air accumulated in the office space is utilized to warm up garages. “Free cooling” technology that enables cooling the building with cold air from the outside is also becoming increasingly popular.


Developers of office buildings pay also ever more attention to the reduction of water consumption. Special water-saving taps with motion sensors or default starting position of the mixer on cold water are installed. Also the use of special plants which do not require watering on green areas around office buildings is a way to reduce water consumption.


It is crucial to plan environment-friendly solutions that enable operational savings already at the design stage. It is worth stressing that the education of employees is also of huge importance. Training employees on how to save paper, reduce electricity and water consumption and more effectively use office equipment for sure will be helpful in creating more eco-friendly office environment.