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Important features of high-standard buildings

Oct. 26, 2012

The business development of a company is hugely determined by effectiveness of its employees. That is why it is important to create for them the best possible work conditions, which depend on the standard of a building in which the company is located.

1. Environmentally friendly solutions

Nowadays, in the office building of the highest standard energy-saving and pro-ecological solutions are incorporated at the stage of creating architectural design. With appropriate technologies and construction materials, modern office buildings optimize the use of heat. Moreover, the office space maximizes natural light utilization, which limits the use of electricity. More and more often they incorporate also renewable energy resources.

2. Flexible office space

The office buildings of the highest class meet even the most untypical requirements of tenants regarding the arrangement of their office space. A modern office building needs to ensure that flexible adaptation and arrangement of the workspace is integrated in its architectural design. For this reason, electricity and telecommunication cables are laid under the floor so that the free arrangement of interior walls – or their lack – is not hampered by cable position. Another feature of office buildings of the highest standard is the highest quality of fittings and decoration of common areas.

3. Highest security standards and responding to the growing technological needs

When it comes to IT security, office buildings of the 21st century resemble carefully-guarded fortresses. Data centres of the highest security standards are protected by modern access control systems, such as proximity cards and fingerprint readers, or preferably both, for maximum security. CCTV is usually installed in modern office buildings, which should be monitored from security rooms 24/7. The highest standard office buildings provide also security of power supply in case of shortage, by providing additional independent power lines, backup emergency energy generators and central UPSs.

4. Efficient and flexible Building Management System

An intelligent building is equipped with integrated management systems, which adapt to the tenants’ needs. An increasing number of office buildings of the highest standard provide their tenants with the access to Internet portal, via which they can control the processes on their own. Also the human factor is very important – the flexibility and open-mindedness of the managers of the office building.

5. Additional facilities

The office buildings of the highest standard provide its tenants with additional facilities. For instance, they give the possibility to rent modern conference rooms located close to the office or a restaurant, where one can go for lunch or arrange individual business meeting. Other value-added features are on-site sporting and recreational facilities, such as spa, gym, swimming pool, fitness clubs. Well-designed office buildings offer also high ratio of parking places.

6. Green areas around the office building

Very important feature of an office building of the highest standard is attractive surrounding. The location and the construction of the building should ensure calm and peaceful working environment. Another crucial factor concerns green areas or courtyards and big panoramic windows, which allow maximum utilization of natural light.